About Us

DATA247 provides Hybrid Solution

DATA247 is a customized backup solution develop by using latest in technology in mind. Everyone has different data different working so one backup solution is not fit for all. DATA247 understand this and has develop different backup solutions so you can select most appropriate solution and have a piece of mind.

It is a service pay as use so no capex. No need to invest anything in hardware or infrastructure. We are using cloud as well as local NAS. Which makes DATA247 an unique solution. You will get benefit of speed and reliability of local storage and flexibility of cloud.

We build lifelong client relationships on a foundation of enduring trust, absolute transparency and the continuity that comes from having IT experts who spend the better part of their careers at DATA247. Our tenured team of more than 20 professionals shares a unique blend of expertise, experience and success, as well as an equally profound commitment to our clients.

Our Visionary - Tushar Shah​

He is known for his focus, vision, business acumen and optimistic drive which has made Paths Enterprises a trusted brand. He is also a very well known famous & popular face in the industry as he is associated with organisations such as ASIRT and ISODA. He has led his team and won significant deals from large players across industry segments, proving himself to be the concrete pillar of our esteemed entity.

His sharp comprehension of customer problems and expectations helps provide the right business solutions by integrating multi-vendor products. A hard-core Gizmo geek, his technical know-how has pushed the organization to deliver best-in-class service & support to ensure sustained growth for the clients & Paths Enterprises in turn.

How We Work

Understand The Problem

We try to understand our client needs by attending multiple requirement gathering sessions.

Suggest The Solution

Once we have taken the requirements we make a work flow of that requirement and make layouts as per our cient requirement.

Make A Customised Solution

We make the solution exactly how the ciet wants and which matches his/her needs.

Brands that trusted our Solutions and Services