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In today’s digital world, Data is new crude. It needs to be protected. Data breaches can cause devasting financial losses and affect organisation’s reputation for years. Average total cost of a data breach is USD 3.92 Million per year. Enable security-rich, managed protection of critical business data. A range of services options with on-site or off-site data backup can help you lower operational risk and total cost of ownership.

As data grows exponentially and regulatory requirements increase, it’s more critical than ever to have a lock on continuous backup. Enhance data protection, mitigate information risk and ensure access to critical information with backup as a service and cloud backup services

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USB Disconnects

Preventing USB ports of all end points. So no USB drive can be used to copy data.

White Listing of USB

Only whitelisted pen drive will work. also you can read from USB drive but can’t write.

File printing / Copy / E-mail report

You can have specific file tracking, who has opened? who has copied ? who has mailed?

User Behaviour protection

This is new feature it analyses user’s working and gives warning in advance.

Internet upload protection

You can now control the upload and download of data on devices.

Data Leak Prevention

Profile based data leakage prevention for Laptops and Mobile device.

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Data Protection can provide more than peace of mind; it safeguards one critical business assets and provide a process for business continuity should you suffer the loss of mission critical data. Data protection as a service offers data security for your entire organization. Protect your critical business systems and data from hackers and online threats with a proven data security solutions, data backup and recovery services.