Frequently asked questions

Data is real asset of any person/company.

Currently it is only for Laptop/desktop in near future we will come out with DATA247 for mobile.

DATA247 backup encryptes all data and keep backup so it is safe. Only authorized used with credential can access your data.

DATA247 design to keep multiple copy and multiple places. Any solutions have minimum 2 copies. One in local machine and one at Cloud storage.

All data which you think is useful or you need in future.

As mentioned earlier only two points

  • Recovery point objective (RPO)
  • Recovery time objective (RTO)

The maximum time that it’s acceptable for data to be temporarily lost. The RPO varies depending on how you use the data. Frequently used data might have an RPO of just a minute or two, while rarely used data might have an RPO of several hours or more.

The maximum time that it’s acceptable for your app or data to be offline.  As a general rule, the faster you want your data storage to recover — that is, the lower the RTP and RPO times — the solution will be more expensive.

Both have their own pros and cons.  Local data gives you less retrievl time and cloud data gives you more protection. So our system is design to use both.

As we have already mentioned there is no standard solution which fits to all so price depends on lots of factor like size of data, point of retrieval  time of retrievel etc. For an individual and small office upto 5 machines  It starts from Rs. 600 per month.

Yes calculate time spend to recreate data if it s more than Rs. 600.00 per month then you should have data backup solution.

Main 3 reasons to change existing backup solution

  • Capability
  • Cost
  • Complexity

Please note Google drive is not backup solution it is a google cloud storage and As per Google cloud agreement Google security and compliance is a shared responsibility between Google and the customer. While it’s Google’s responsibility to protect the infrastructure that runs your services, it’s up to you to secure and protect your data within that infrastructure. This includes backup.

Google is responsible for following

  • The physical security, maintenance, and safety of its data center.
  • Controlling and maintaining the servers, network devices, and other hardware in its data centers.

Your data are entirely your responsibility. Google calls this the shared responsibility matrix.

Our Data247 has backup solution which takes backup of your G-Suite and O365 data.

High availability is zero downtime. We provide 2 servers working simultaneously so even if one server is down , downtime for user is zero.