About Us

We provide Hybrid Solution for Work from Home and Work from Office

Data247 is a Hybrid Solution for work from home and work from office environment. It is specially designed for small and medium enterprise. It is a service pay as use so no capex . No need to invest anything in hardware or infrastructure. We are using cloud as well as local NAS . Which makes DATA247 an unique solution. You will get benefit of speed and reliability of local storage and flexibility of cloud.

Work from office solutions

DATA247 uses Network Attached Storage for all work from office solution

Main features : Storage can be increased upto 144tb

Access : User wise access

Backup : Mirror backup - same premises and off-site.


Work from home services

DATA247 combines cloud solution along with NAS to give flexibility of work from anywhere.

We are optimising bandwidth so user can work with mobile hotspot.

We also provide solution for video conferencing.

Our support includes support at home. So user can work without any breakdown


Our Work Flow


We offer a wide range of services and provide realtime Solutions few of them are as follows


Data Storage

Everyday data increases by Leaps and Bound. Currently, it's estimated that 1.7MB of data


Data Backup

According to the statistics, Approximately 46% of people lose data everyday which makes a tremeoundious loss in information


Data Protect

In today’s digital world, Data is new crude. It needs to be protected. Data breaches can cause...

Work Process

How We Work


Understand the Problem

We try to understand our client needs by attending multiple requirement gathering sessions


Suggest the solution

Once we have taken the requirements we make a work flow of that requirement and make layouts as per our cient requirement


Make a customised hybrid solution.

We make the solution exactly how the ciet wants and which matches his/her needs.